Friday, 24 July 2009

Council Cunt Of The Day

The prize goes to Mid Sussex District Council's head of organisational development, Marissa Bartlett, for defending the indefensible despite all the evidence.

And costing her ratepayers a small fortune whilst demonstrating her own imcompetence and fuckwittery.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the stupid bitch was "disappointed" with the tribunal's interpretation of the evidence.

How many council-tax-paying citizens are more than a little "disappointed" with the inane, fucking bullshit that these people so relentlessly vomit.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Another righteous bitch that needs a shafting with a broken botle.

Abuse of due process by these cunts is standard procedure, and one of the reasons I cannot currently advocate devolvement of power from central government.

She's disappointed, what a shame she hasn't got to fork out any of the monies, that would really piss her off, and rightly so

Oldrightie said...

All over the country there are Labour placements as senior council officers. A ploy to mitigate the swathe of Tory elected councillors. They cooked this up in the early nineties. It includes teaching, the police and many other parts of our lives. Scary.

Pavlov's Cat said...

As I mentioned in my own post on a similar subject ' Only the people of Slough lose'.

cunts like Marissa Bartlett , take things like this all the way because, win or lose , they can't lose. It's Other Peoples Money they are playing with, so who cares.
It's the council tax payers that have to fork out , it's no risk roulette for the council officers.

Thortung The Terrible said...

Why haven't these two useless fuckers been fired?

Umbongo said...

"Why haven't these two useless fuckers been fired?"

Indeed - and, apart from submitting claims for allowances, what are the councillors doing about this complete waste of council taxpayers' money? It seems those "Tory elected councillors" of Mid Susses DC are drawn from the same mould as their council officers since they also appear (by their inaction) to be useless and expensive parasites.

banned said...

Oldrightie, See "Common Purpose", sorry to bore.

"complete failure by Mr Morley to engage with or manage Mr Mills.
'Instead of speaking to him"
The judge is saying that just asking Mr. mills " how come you spend so much time at home ? " would have avoided this Council witch hunt. Why is morley not being sacked for gross incompetence ?