Friday, 17 July 2009

What A Farce! No Wonder The Public No Longer Respect Or Support The Police!

Some geezer's private 30th birthday party barbecue with 17 guests in a field was gate-crashed by a ludicrous number of policemen, including a fucking helicopter, and shut down for being an illegal rave.

The spokesweasel tied herself in knots trying to justify the nonsense.

Yet phone the bastards because there's an intruder in your house or you have been burgled and you'll wait 3 weeks for some victim support circular to be shove through the letterbox.

Meanwhile your council tax goes ever up to pay for all their toys.

The Penguin


Sue said...

Judge's anger after couple who tidied up garden thrown into riot van for attempted burglary

Mind you, some sad bastard reported them to the police.

"When it finally got to court we were charged with the lesser offence of theft by finding and refusing to take a drugs test. We'd refused the drugs sample because we'd done nothing wrong".

Guilty before you're proven innocent seems to be the byword in the UK these days.

Whatever happened to our rights?

Goodnight Vienna said...

With you all the way on this Pingu but the attitude is so ingrained now & it's hard to see what can overcome it except for a Grand Repeal Act of everything this sh*te govt has enacted since 1997 and a clearing out of the snake-pits of local government and public bodies. The Cons don't have the will or the commitment. The current state of affairs just won't hold.

Oldrightie said...

Couldn't we use these helicopters in Afghanistan?

microdave said...

"Couldn't we use these helicopters in Afghanistan?"

Possibly not.

There's an interesting post over at Mrs Dales from some bod in the know at the MOD, and it transpires that several of the U.K's helicopters can't cope with "Hot & High" conditions.

Leg-iron said...

While the police were busy with these ultra-dangerous barbecue fiends, there was another bit of revelry elsewhere.

No police this time. The whole event went off without a hitch.

It was all on camera, but these days the bad guys wear masks, because they know about cameras. So the only thing the cameras are any good for is producing dramatic pictures for the papers.

Is there anyone running this show?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yesterday had the local Plod helicopter circling round & round our area for hours. Fuck knows what they were doing apart from wasting resources (fuel & officers' time).

banned said...

Meanwhile, about 4 miles away from Sowton, Devon

Devon Post Office Raid, no arrests

Anonymous said...

"What effectively the police did was come in and stop fifteen people eating burgers."

8 flak-jacketed 'officers' (and a helicopter).

Thus, it takes one 'officer' to stop the eating of 2 hamburgers. I'd say that was value for money, wouldn't you?

There are approximately 178 million hamburgers eaten in the UK every year, consequently, the next government really must ensure that the numbers of British bobbies are 'augmented' to 89 million. Minimum.