Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Quick, Sarah, More Lasagne!!!

It seems that all is not well in Brownland.

The Postman has buggered up the ID card policy without checking with Jonah. Millipede is busy redesigning the NuNuLiebore Party in his own image, complete with bananaa. Shaun of the Deadwood has been frozen out by Voldemort, and Blinky is deperately trying to pretend that the Tory Cuts offensive was all Shaun's doing and that his sticky fingerprints are not all over it. Tessa Jowell is planning to bail out to spend more time with her criminal husband. The Badger is becoming a liability because he is developing a backbone and refusing to let Voldemort run the Treasury. John Hutton is dangerously off message. The three witches are stirring nasty things in a cauldron somewhere while trying to avoid being seen in public. Harpy is preening, waiting for the moment to strike.

Sarah had better get more lasagne on the go, and fast.

The Penguin


banned said...

Fighting like rats in a sack over the mouldy remains of a squalid and spent regime.
The next 11 months will continue to be quite good fun.

microdave said...

"The next 11 months will continue to be quite good fun."

Maybe, but the following 20-30 years are NOT going to be....

Barking Spider said...

What a load of useless, dangerous, childish, bickering flotsam they are!