Monday, 6 July 2009

Saint Gobshite Slaps Silvio

It seems that Saint Gobshite has given Silvio Berlusconi a good slapping.

Could have been worse, Mr. B., he could have sung at you.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

What is it with these fuckers? Sing a couple of songs make millions and off we go to save the world. Gordon Sumner Bonio and this twat with his daughters clothes designers yeah right. This bogtrotter said give us yer fookin money. Tell you what Bob in between buying television companies and your property development why not give them yer fookin money, Might make a refreshing change.

DaveP said...

The fucking mophead avoids paying the very taxes that are used to pay for foreign aid. His earnings are channeled to a company he owns in the Netherlands, so he can pay as little tax as possible. OK for the plebs to pay their taxes to help the third world though.

Fucking hypocritical prick. If Silvio has got friends in the Mafia, I hope he has the gobshite "taken out".

banned said...

Age must be mellowing Gob Geldoff, whatever happened to
"Give us the fucking money Silvio, you *greasy cunt " ?

* pc aware, 'greasy' as in 'corrupt' not a nasty racist slur on olive oil quaffing spicks.