Thursday, 16 July 2009

Helicopters, Prime Mentalist, Helicopters!

How much longer is Jonah going to keep denying the bleeding obvious?

British troops are placed in harm's way because they are having to travel by road instead of by helicopter. It's not a new thing, check out what happened in Northern Ireland.

So why is the deluded cunt still endlessly lying?

Is it because he is directly responsible for cutting the budgets for helicopters when he was busy abolishing boom and bust?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Adding what can only be described as a spectacular insult to the already deadly injuries

The fuckwits are once again trying to deny that forces in action deserve basic human rights.

Captain Swing said...

I believe that McDoom doesnt know a great deal about helicopters.

He is an expert and takes a particular interest in choppers especially Mandys.

j said...

This government knows there are enough choppers in Afghanistan.

Everytime a minister visits the place he arrives & travels around in one.

[Is there any 2009 photo in existence of a Government Minister travelling out of an Army Base in a road vehicle?]

JuliaM said...

Once again, The Daily Mash puts it best...

Oldrightie said...

How much longer is Jonah going to keep denying the bleeding obvious?

No more than 10 months.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

And this twat has been doing the media circuit trying to dampen down the outcry.... Bill Rummell is a despicable piece of excrement:

here, but watch your blood pressure

North Northwester said...

We know a song about helicopters, don't we children?

It starts thus: 'Suicide is painless..'

Earthlet Nigel said...

Next time he goes there make him travel by road as others have suggested, if it's that safe there's no problem.

Note also with photo ops with the troops none ever appear to have weapons. Why???