Sunday, 5 July 2009

The More We Find Out, The Less We Respect The Police

Seems that the "officer" currently suspended and under investigation for the killing of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 demonstrations had already been allowed to retire on specious medical grounds rather than be sacked - that way the bastard got to keep his pension! - and should not have been re-employed.

Keep digging!
The Penguin


Terrence said...

"However a spokesman for the Met stressed: "We are fully co-operating with the IPCC and have proactively provided them with the information they require." "

Why has everything suddenly become proactive? It is a load of old cobblers. Modern hypno-screen speak.

DaveP said...

I assume this thug started drawing a pension as a result of his first indiscretion. I take it he then went on to collect another salary off the police on top of his pension.

Fucking hell, it pays to be a vicious or violent cop,and get pensioned off under some pathetic excuse. Someone needs to have the balls to do something to sort out these Freemason bastards.

Anonymous said...

Not only the police councul employees from the lazy fucker who is supposed to cut the grass to the big bosses they all do it. Why not its not their money they are spending just ours

banned said...

Aha, the one bad apple gambit, very cunning, that'll fool 'em.