Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Who Do You Believe?

Details from the journal of a Welsh Guards platoon commander who died in May after being injured in Afghanistan were published last night.

Lieutenant Mark Evison, 26, wrote: “I have a lack of radios, water, food and medical equipment. This, with manpower, is what these missions lack. It is disgraceful to send a platoon into a very dangerous area with two weeks’ water and food and one team medics’ pack. Injuries will be sustained which I will not be able to treat and deaths will occur which could have been stopped. We are walking on a tightrope and from what it seems here are likely to fall unless drastic measures are undertaken.”

This is in direct contradiction of the spoutings of our Prime Mentalist, His Badger, and the Jobsworth, who repeatedly claim that our troops are well equipped and that they are given everything they ask for.

Someone is not telling the truth.

I know who I believe.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

and the Brown bastard due to the latest spate of deaths of our peopl,our British soldiers in Afgansiatin,says that there will (now) be more troops need, that they will get helicopters and that 'we are making progress'!! its appeasement of the public opinion and the effin vote isn't Mr Brown!!I saw on TV a high up but ex- officer who was basically saying that if serious measures arent taken within a month then he was as good as saying that the ''war'' could go on for 10 years or more!

Labour et al did not pay heed (?) to history the ( Britain being involved three times in conflict all failed) he has not listed to generals...but listened to obama for sure

they know its UNWINNABLE

that scene in that picture is tragic beyond belief

the horror this government inflicts on our army and our people daily deserves nothing but ultimate justice

the government and the supporters of this war and the media must pay must pay

banned said...

I believe Lieutenant Mark Evison R.I.P. and I believe the mother ( known to me ) of a serving soldier who has been on the front line for a month eating only crappy Army ration packs; they can't even supply bits of fruit which is surprising because Afghanistan is not all desert. She has sent her son 4 parcels of canned food, none of which have arrived and why the fuck should she feel the need to have to do that anyway ?

Catosays said...

Let's not forget that EIGHT of our men are coming home today.

Will there be a politician there? I doubt it.

JD said...

I know who I believe also. I also believe no-one believes Brown and his cronies. Just look at how much they pay our soldiers and how much they pay their lackies in our town halls. They have no shame.

Oldrightie said...

Socialism is the most corrupt political dogma of any other. We are living through the hell of it's existence. Just imagine a Nation without a Labour Party. Utopia, once their mess is cleanrd up.

subrosa said...

I watched this Lt's mother on Newsnight. She was most controlled and I really was willing her to let go. But of course, that's not the way military families behave.

It's a shame I can't do BBC clips because I'm on a Mac and then won't allow me to download, but hopefully someone will do it.

The conditions are exactly what the lad wrote in his diary.

Oh banned, by the way, if you send anything BFPO you have to pay the going rate. Parcels take forever to get to Afghanistan.

Tweed said...

The truth is that the British public no longer simply hold Brown in contempt. We hate him for what he has done to the country.

Anonymous said...

I think we also hate him for the way he has been responsible for the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq & Afghanistan through sheer bloody penny pinching. Loadsa money for thieving MPs, loadsa money for the workshy & the foreign, loadsa money for corrupt & incompetent bankers, fuck all money for much needed kit & equipment for the people he's sent to fight in his & Blair's ego-driven wars. And will he be there to see the returning bodybags today? Will he fuck! James Gordon Brown - the complete & total coward who refuses to take responsibility but writes a book about 'Courage'. He wouldn't recognise 'couragee if it came up & poked him in his good eye.

Anonymous said...

I'd trust Madoff to invest my life savings before I'd trust anything Brown says.

Lexander said...

Only needs China to start giving the Taliban fighters the right weapons and it will be all over for us and America in months! Remember the secret arming the Yanks gave the Afs who then drove out Russia at enormous costs in lives and machinery.

The Penguin said...

The Chinese won't do that, they've got trouble at home with Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I have just worked out on Entitled.com that a single mother aged 18 with 2 children under 4, who has never contributed to anything in her life would be entitled to a basic payment from the government of 15k pa, this is without the kids being classed as ill or disabled and the mother on jobseekers (ha ha)it also advises me i am entitled to claim for Social fund??, Free school meals and NHS low income scheme??. God knows how much this one person would cost us the taxpayers at a rough guess if you factor in all the support staff that you would need to make sure her life as cushy as possible you could be talking in the region of £30k, the wage of an 18yr old private in the army is £16k.
I know where the one eyed cock suckers prioritys lie, especially after he appointed that commie cunt Ainsworth defence secretary.

Be gone Gordon! said...

Hi Penguin
You might like this - couldn't resist a touch of the old photoshop!
Feel free to use !

Norton Folgate said...

The Penguin said...
The Chinese won't do that, they've got trouble at home with Muslims.

There aren't many that don't.

The Penguin said...


Now actually this could be quite good if it really kicks off. There's enough of the Chinese to sort out the Muslim problem permanently.