Saturday, 4 July 2009

More Wanking At The Taxpayer's Expense!

Does this man look like a wanker?

Oh dear, how embarrassing!

Jeffrey Donaldson, a Democratic Unionist MP, has repaid hundreds of pounds after charging the taxpayer for the cost of watching dozens of pay-to-view films in London hotel rooms.

Naturally, it was all completely open and above board, which is why on one claim the "Room Service 2" legend had "FOOD" written next to it. Just accidental, I'm sure.

Despite his protestations that these pay-per-view films were not of an adult nature, I suspect they were. And I suspect there'll be some under-paid and disgruntled hotel employee who can provide the proof....

So, Jacqui, you're not alone in trying to charge the public for wanking.

The Penguin


Dergian said...

You can suspect as much as you like, unless you can backsome of what you're saying up you should probably tone your blog down a bit before you get accuxsed of slander.

The Rebels Yell! said...

The 'Daily Telegraph' did not provide any clear evidence of what 'Blockbusters' Mr. Donaldson actually watched. This story is a bit like a porn flick, plenty of promise to start with but ends in a bit of an anti-climax!