Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Gordon, No One Believes You Any More

His Gob's Open, Therefore He's Lying

If indeed they were ever mug enough to in the first place. Let's face it, there were enough clues about the dodgy nature of his "moral compass" such as his squalid little booklet about how to cheat the system and blag your way into parties.

But now, despite the surprising and cowardly volte face by Lord Mallarchy-Broon after a very very clear admission that there were simply not enough helicopters in Afghanistan, and very clear and straight-forward demands by General Sir Richard Dannatt and the previously silent and invisible Air Whatsit Sir Jock Strap for more helicopters, what does our Glorious Leader do?

Lies his fucking face off.

Only to be immediately contradicted by the bloke who was up the sharp end in Helmand, which kind of blows Jonah's line about what the folk at the front tell him clean out of the water.

If you can't stop telling lies, Jonah, just crawl away quietly and die slowly in agony.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Next time he or aintworthit go out for a photo op, make them travel by road. Sorry helicopters is for operations only due to minimal resources. That should make him brick himself.

And Malloch Brown has clearly been got at

Anonymous said...

Bur I do hope his dying agonies are caught on CCTV - that would be CCTV serving a useful purpose - at last.

Gordon Brown - born to lie.

Lord Mandelbottom of Marrakech said...

Brown is a lying cunt. Pure and simple. The more people who come out and say it, the better. So, get your typing fingers on people.

The above stated opinion is in no way my opinion. Dear Gordy is my friend, and I will defend him until I become leader...

St Paul said...

For some odd reason,
Gordon Brown is a lying Hoon reports 10,300 Google results;
Gordon Brown is a lying Cunt reports only 8,300;
as yet.
Probably a bit of overlap with Hoon's Hoonishness.

Anonymous said...

G Brown is a lying one

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting the PM is a ... a ... a liar?? On the very subject that should be free of grubby politics??

Why, if that were true, that would make Gordon Brown PM a hypocritical, lying, pathological, self-serving, despicable, egregious, disdainful, foul cunt.

Surely not ...

Fidothedog said...

I try on my other site to call him a cunt each day,

banned said...

Gordon has got so used to us knowing that he is a lying cunt that he has to get others, like 'Lord' Bolloch-Brown to tell his lies for him.
If he were really clever he might try the childish trick of telling us a real lie hoping that we think would immediatly believe the oppsite.
G. Brown " I am a cunt, my economic policies are complete shite and the soldiers hate me "

nope, doesn't work.