Monday, 6 July 2009

Where Are The Cowardly Politicians?

Once again the general public show their respects.

Once again the cowardly fucking bastards who sent them into harm's way ill equipped and poorly funded stay away.

The Penguin


Catosays said...

They're hiding away in their little bunkers and offices like the cowardly rats they are.

Not one of them has the balls to show their faces and it's left to Mr and Mrs Joe Public to do the politician's work for them.

Bastards the lot of them.

Oldrightie said...

You don't suppose it's shame that keeps them absent, Penny?
No? Thought not!
Besides, Jimmy is basking in the arms of Sarkozy, I believe.

Old Bag said...

broon and his chicken shit nazis need dropping into afghanastan with piss poor supplies! satisfying it would be to see that bunch of cunts blown up.

Anonymous said...

Never has there been a better time for a military coup in Britain than now.

banned said...

None of them want to be associated with what they see as 'bad news'.
Dave would do himself a big favour by turning up now and again.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'd like to see 646 from Westminster being used as bonnet mascots for snatch Land-Rovers in the 'ghan, when they go out on patrol.

Utter, utter despicable cunts, the lot of them.

Sorry, ladies.

Anonymous said...

tell you what, if william or harry got shot in afghanistan i bet youd see the bastards as that funeral, and i bet it wouldnt be long before we are pulling out, but because it doesnt directly affect those wankers it doesnt matter. What the fuck benefit is there for us to be fighting there? lets get to the truth behind this shambkes

AngryDave said...

It is a disgrace that none of the bastards who sent them there are present. But, there is a part of me that does not believe any of those bastards are worthy enough to be in the presence of such heroes.