Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Badger Plan - Even More Fuck Up!

"Apple Pie, Motherhood, 3 Meals A Day, Church On Sunday, Strawberries and Cream...."

Al "Badger" Darling, serial house-flipper and allowance cheat has announced his plan to prevent any similar fuck-up to the banking fuck-up which his predecessor as Chancellor allowed to happen through diluting financial regulation between 3 entities, the Treasury, The Bank of England and the fucking useless but very expensive Financial Services Authority.

Yes, you guessed it, the cunt is planning on having a fourth entity, the new Council for Financial Stability designed to bring together the Financial Services Authority, the Treasury and the Bank of England, and be collectively be responsible for financial stability.

So where 3 different bodies fucked right up because of lack of accountability, turf wars, communications issues, and the usual "oh, it's someone else's responsibility" - there will now be even more opportunity for things falling between the stools. But never mind, it gives Darling and McBroon lots more juicy "jobs for the boys" to hand out to their cronies and stooges.

The utter cunts.

The Penguin


DaveP said...

What more is to be expected of a troughing wanker who worked alongside Gordon for years. Years ago he drove Edinburgh Council into the ground with out of control finances, and now he has the whole country to fuck up.

Sue said...

These people have no idea what they're doing. It's downright worrying! More quangoes, more civil servants, more cost to the taxpayer!

The Penguin said...

Doesn't seem to fuck up his own finances. Funny that.

microdave said...

"Doesn't seem to fuck up his own finances. Funny that."

But you forget, Pengy, that he still employs an accountant to do his own tax return...

banned said...

Another Trough for the Trougherati to gorge themselves sick in at our expense.