Friday, 3 July 2009

Underpants Bryant Has Another Good Idea!

Chris Bryant, the curate turned politician who is best known for advertising for gay friends by posing in his unfashionable underpants has declared that civil partnerships should be celebrated in church.

This is not something that the CoE or the left footers generally favour.

But I look forward to Underpants insisting that this liberalism should extend to the Mosque.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

What a shower of people. More juvenile shirt lifters and kiddyfiddlers in Government than in jail.
Before the self-rightous respond, I am not homophobic but I detest child molesters.

Captain Swing said...

God alive man please remove that picture until after the watershed.
I clicked onto your site and was confronted by a pair of Y fronts.
Its put me off my mid morning chocky bics.

nick the prick brown said...

Mmmmnn! He seems like a nice boy.

Lexander said...

I would find it impossible to resist (or miss) his bollocks with my heavy-duty walking right boot! It's all so fucking fifth form wankers' club.

banned said...

Good point Penguin, demand accessable and equality enhanced Gay Marriage in Mosques, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist Temples.

Not forgetting the Baptist and other black nonconformist Churches where it will go down a storm ( or up in flames ).
Latterday Saints ? Gay Marriage is the future !