Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Jobsworth Of The Day

Step forward Colchester councillor Tim Young.

You utter arsewipe.

The Penguin


Captain Swing said...

Where do all these local authority cunts come from?

Henry North London said...

@captain swing These are the sorry nerdy types at school who were pretty slow on the uptake and had no imagination. They get the boring jobs and realise that they have the power to regulate the rest of us and they indulge their megalomaniac power battles in revenge for being shunned at school for not having an imagination worth jack shit and being ridiculed when they couldnt put together a decent story for their english class.

They live boring little lives and they make everyone suffer because they cant tolerate other people doing things better than them.

Bitter Moi? no Murphys

Umbongo said...

The Conservatives have a plurality on Colchester Council (27 seats out of 60) with their fellow arsewipes, the LibDems holding 23.

The moral? Don't expect much change if and when Cameron gets to No 10: the same shite will be in control of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Dr Henry

Too fucking right.

They bided their time, so that people like Tim Young, whom I consider to be a cunt and worthy of an agonisingly slow death, can throw their feeble weight around.

Worthless parasites on society, tapeworms in mankind.

I fervently pray that he'll need to lease a few benches in his lifetime.

microdave said...

It says on that sack "To stop this sack from blowing away when emptied, put a weight such as a brick next to it."

NEXT to it - what fucking good will that do???

How do ignorant twats like this ever get to be in a position of authority?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'm in the trade, so to speak.

Churchyards, cemeteries and crematoria permit memorials, but they have to be to the relevant authority's standard. This is to stop the places turning into pikey's paradises, fairgrounds, wind-chime hells and such.

As someone else commented, these "rules" are to prevent people putting three-seat sofas in places like churchyards etc.

That said, rules are for bending, so I must agree that Mr Young is a cunt of the highest order, who has had a discretion bypass.

Torbz said...

They removed the article....I wonder why?