Thursday, 2 July 2009

The New Jim Reeves

It seems that dying was a great career move for Michael Jackson. His records are selling like hot cakes, and now there are reports that here are oodles of unreleased tracks just waiting to be packaged up and inflicted on the world.

I suspect it'll be rather like my father's favourite dead crooner, Jim Reeves, who managed to have more hits after he was dead than when he was alive. He may even have sung on some of them.

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

He sang all of them. He had a great backlog of unpublished demo tapes that his wife inherited.Instead of publishing all at once,this shrewd businesswoman published one "new" song at a time over a period of
about 20 years. Thus, she not only managed to keep his memory alive, but earned millions of dollars. She really profited on her husband's death. JR was my parents' favorite crooner too, that's why I know. Remains to be seen whether Michael Jackson has somebody who can do the same for him..