Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Blinky Doesn't Like Being Called A Liar!

Would you trust this nonce with your child?

So maybe he should stop telling lies, the obnoxious cunt.

The Penguin


DaveP said...

Well done Fraser for having the balls to grab Ball's balls, so to speak. Balls is just a lying stupid jerk; must be an English relation of Gordons.

Paul Pinfield said...

Hilarious! I have just tried to email Blinky via his 'right on' website, to tell the cunt to stop lying...

Looks like he doesn't want to listen.


banned said...

Well obviously Balls is a liar, they all are and like the bloke says if you don't like the name stop fucking lying, simple.

How can these cunts pretend to have any plans or projections about future debt when their solution to any problem is to ponce yet more £billions from the mysterious 'international investors' like some fuckwit loser in a casino, with the promise of payback by our grandchildren ?

The sooner those 'investors' tell UK to fuck off and earn a living the better we will all be.

Leg-iron said...

Anyone else standing in a bunch of children with that look on their face would be carted off pronto.

He's been having leering lessons from Gary Glitter.

Zoompad said...


That ahole Bollocks has employed people from the kidfiddling dirtbags Kinsey Institute in his Children Schools and Fasmilies Common Purpose venture.

Anonymous said...

Ed Bollocks is a fucking useless cunt. He could be outwitted by a glass of water. I hope he gets runs over by a bus.