Wednesday 3 October 2012

BBC U-Turn Under Pressure

The fat cats at the top of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation have crumbled under the concerted pressure from self-righteous elements of the media and even more self-righteous elements of the great and good, who in the main are desperate to try and create some clear blue water between themselves and the putrid corpse of Jimmy So-vile.

Ignoring Jimmy's despicable crime of inventing the Discoteque and therefore creating the role of Disc Jockey, they are going to co-operate with Inspector Knacker in looking at the allegations of sexual misconduct with legions of little girls that have surfaced despite their very best efforts to suppress them.

Of course, now the creepy Mr So-vile is dead and buried, his influence has diminished, and fewer people are directly getting well paid for propping up his media image and showbiz career.

Instead, the voices of the victims are being heard more clearly, and the smell of cover-up and corruption is becoming impossible to ignore.

With any luck, heads will roll and reputations will be destroyed. Lots of them, because many were complicit in this saga.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I hope Esther Rancid is one of the heads to roll.

Perhaps Childline was one enormous guilt trip?

Anonymous said...

have esther rancid and anne watchdog both used the same facial surgeon?

I can't take anymore - aaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

The BBC is the least of the concerns - once they make the linkage to a former leader of a political party and former PM....they might start to understand the regular invitations to Chequers to buy the old perv's continued silence.

Anonymous said...

It has now been announced that the Met Police will take the lead in accumulating and assessing the reports.
Can't think of a better bunch of corrupt coppers to make sure the evidence trail never leads anywhere 'troublesome' - i.e. anywhere close to government, politics, church, media etc., or even to Plod themselves.
Classic !

banned said...

Some senior HR twat from the Beeb expressing "regret" that colleagues had not come forward previously with revelations about the pervy predator within.

No mention of "regret" that the Beeb itself has become such a nazi leviathon that its own staff lived in fear of denoncing (geddit?) a kiddie raper for fear of losing their jobs, or worse.

The forthcoming expose of non-denouncers will be Orwellian/Huxleyian but amusing nevertheless.