Wednesday 24 October 2012

Bang Him Up, Throw Away The Key!

So the slimy arsewipe has resigned so he can duck out of any disciplinary whitewash and keep his fucking £83,000 a year pension.

If the government have not got the balls, then the so-called free press, pushed and shoved by the families of the Hillsborough victims, should force a prosecution and have the fucking toe-rag banged up for at least 20 years. And not in some fucking open prison, but a proper fucking punishment regime - maybe the Septics would take the cunt in lieu of Gary McKinnon?

There's a fucking dreadful stench at the top of the senior police officers club....why hasn't anyone in the Home Office noticed, or are they too busy with their noses up Teresa May's fat arse?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Hillsborough is one thing, but what if this snivelling twat was also involved in the Savile cover-up - it's his area of ex[ertise, after all ?
Maybe that's why he jumped now.

Purposefully said...

ACPO = A Common Purpose Organisation.

You will get no help from any of them.

Anonymous said...

this cunt deserves all that's coming to him - let's hope is justice then a real good beating and another just in case

banned said...

Can we look forward to a tranch of "resignations for reasons of ill health" by senior officers who were around during both Hillsborough and when Savile! (with a snarl as per BBC) was being facilitated to rape at will?

Anonymous said...

Can lolyta above kindly fuck off under a bus? Thanks. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

And playing music on the beach, the two of them are surprisingly beautiful and seductive, and can sing melodiously until man