Saturday, 22 September 2012

Andrew Mitchell - The Full Apology

Andrew Mitchell has published the full transcript of his apology, as made to the Prime Minister.

"Look, Dave, I'm really really sorry that this has caused such a stink. I can't believe the fucking cheek of that cuntstable, first in not opening the fucking gate immediately and saluting me as I cycled past the little pleb, and then having the fucking nerve to make a complaint because I gave him a richly deserved bollocking.

I may have lost the Department for Pissing Taxpayers Money Away To Corrupt Cunts and Hangers-On in your fucking shit re-shuffle, but I'm still a very important person, and these fucking plebs should know their place!"

The Penguin


banned said...

Cameron, "Sorry Andy but I'm going to have to let you go, would you prefer a Peerage or Brussels?"

Anonymous said...

The same little prick that said absoluetly anybody objecting to shirt-lifters marrying is a bigot. The cheek of it!

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy and mendacity of the tory right is here for all to see. It is often claimed that it is the poor or those on benefits that think they are 'entitled' to everything.

Here the truth comes out. It is the royal family, elites, the rich and the tories who believe they are solely 'entitled' to everything - wealth however gained, position and power regardless of any body else's status.

Mitchell proves once and for all just how fucking odius, venal and obnoxious he is as are all those of a similar ilk.

Would you have this man as an employee? Because we have and the longer he remains in his job the more we as a nation condone it!!!!FFS!

Francis Urquhart said...

One is never above making an apology

Anonymous said...

fabulous, i love your column, i think you are the funniest man since betty nenayahoo
well done !!!