Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cut Their Right Hands Off For A Second Offence!

When even the cossetted hand-wringers of the judiciary are declaring in open court that they would like to lock criminals up for longer but are prevented from doing so, you know the pendulum needs to swing in the other direction.

Sadly it will be too late to save this young lady from having her life blighted by these worthless cunts.

There's a very simple and effective solution that would also allow that hush-puppied old fraud Ken Clarke to keep reducing the prison population.

Cut their right hands off for any second offence. Even the fucking muzzies couldn't argue with that...

The Penguin


Night rider said...

Pity the prosecution could not charge them with separate crimes:
1. Stealing the car
2. Probaby driving without insurance
3.Dangerous driving
4. Injuring an innocent person

Then add them all up at maximum to get more like 10 years. If they were insured, why did their insurance company not pay for the lass's damages and hospital costs?

Any drugs/alcohol involved?

Robert the Biker said...

Night Rider: They wont have been insured in a stolen car, but normally the owner of the vehicle's insurance covers for third party losses if the car is stolen. Perhaps a better lawyer is needed here.
This will only end when these little shits fear consequence again; if you put 5 grand bounty on each so that they leave prison in a box, or are always looking over their shoulders for the man who wants to collect, this will cease. I will gladly contribute.

Anonymous said...

Judd said...

Scum like this never manage to lose control and run head on into a 44 ton artic or mobile crane do they, its always some poor innocent sod who has to pay, they are a waste of space.

Isn't there anyone in the CPS with an ounce of sense, yes i know stupid bloody question, surely some bugger could have worked out a list of charges that would allow the judge some leeway in sentencing.


Anonymous said...

Scum like the present government are still getting away with killing disabled people - so what's the fucking difference??????