Friday 5 October 2012

Double Standards?

Funny, innit - they sack some Chief Cuntstable with no golden handshake but a full pension for trying to find a job for a friend, but it's not even a disciplinary matter for shooting innocent electricians on the underground.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Seems to be quite a rush these days of dodgy Chief Constables, generally feathering their nests in their local fiefdoms.

Time to sack them all and start again with a proper and accountable Police force.

PC 48 and a bit said...

Yes, ACPO needs to be wound up.

Prefereably tightly in piano or barbed wire.

Anonymous said...

Heartily sick of this

The country is a joke. Coppers get away with murder. Governments get away with murder. And they preach to the population on good deeds and morality

Fucking hate them HATE THEM

Anonymous said...

And now another one - (Sir) Norman Bettison, Chief of West Yorkshire Plod resigned today to protect his pension from the Hillsborough cover-up fall-out.

Just a thought - as an expert on cover-ups and a local lad too, wonder if he was in on the Savile cover-up too ?