Thursday 23 August 2012

A Business Genius?

Nur Nadir, who at 28 is just 43 years younger than her convict husband, said her husband was a "business genius" and his wealth was a "direct result of his and his family's working morals and ethics".

"Face it," she said, "He got away with loads of dosh, the charges were just the tip of the iceberg. Then he has a nice break in the sunshine for 17 years until he's in poor health, and now he's going to enjoy the best of the NHS for a five year holiday all expenses paid. Fucking genius!!" 

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

He;ll be out much sooner than that. The very 'ill health' will see to that.

And then, like Earnest Saunders before him, he'll stage a miraculous recovery. It's all in the script, which is why he came back.

yardarm said...

Dunno why he`s come back if he could poke that; at least he could go out with a smile on his face.

Shauna O'Hare said...

"In the light of all the material in its possession, and in so far as the matters complained of are within its competence, the Court finds no appearance of a violation of the rights and freedoms set out in the Convention or its Protocols arising from these complaints."

You lose. Game Over.

Anonymous said...

are the tories going to pay the money back then?

thought not!!!

who are the 'real bastards' here????

Anonymous said...

As Mrs Merton might say, "Tell me, Mrs Nadir, what first attracted you to the multi-millionaire crook, Asil ?"

casinoxo said...

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