Monday 30 April 2012

Drought Ruins Badminton Horse Trials

The drought has buggered up the horse trials.
"The recent exceptional drought has left the ground at Badminton totally waterlogged and partially flooded," Badminton director Hugh Thomas said. "Further drought is due this week, leaving no chance of the ground drying out."

Meanwhile, in other areas such as York, the drought is causing some local difficulties, and apparently some poor bugger died when he drowned in a drought-filled ford in Hampshire.

The twats at the DEA are still claiming their vast salaries, so that's all right for some.

The Penguin


Robert the Biker said...

The drought's so bad here in Hampshire, I had to move the Harley into my flat to stop it being washed away!

Warmist Pullover at the Met Office said...

But surely, Shirley, you MUST have noticed just how much WARMER it has been this past couple of weeks? All our temperature prediction graphs are spot on.

microdave said...

Of course it's warmer - all those pesky wind turbines are responsible.

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