Tuesday 15 May 2012

Best Legal Advice Money Can Buy!

Mohammed Al-Shite-Wallah and Husband

"Well, Mrs. Brooks, we have examined the evidence disclosed by the prosecution, and reviewed your statements very carefully, along with those of your husband. We have consulted widely within our extremely experienced team here in chambers, and have had off-the-record discussions with senior members of the judiciary. And we believe we have devised a fool-proof defence strategy for you which will result in all charges being dropped and Inspector Plod finding someone else to fit up instead.

Convert to Islam. "

The Penguin


Jerry Atrick said...

Thank Fuck the 2 bastards have just been found guilty of 3 counts of perverting the course of justice, but let's see what the sentence is.....will it be another Jeffrey Archer....a cushy prison sentence and straight back to where they left off ????????

Anonymous said...

Are you saying she was fitted up by plod ? This would imply you think she's not guilty.

Hacked Off said...

Jerry, the fucking trial hasn't even started yet, so they are a ways from being found anything, do try and keep up.

Nonny, my implications are my own fucking business, get a life.

Pop Cornvendor said...

What "justice" has she been charged with perverting the course of? I wonder what she will reveal about a cetain spin doc bellend who must have been doing exactly the same things for the previous 13 years. Better get your orders for popcorn in early as this looks like it will run and run (unquote).

Anonymous said...

So where are all the police and politicians in all of this - oh, I know, not guilty m'lud

Hope brooks shafts the lot of them

Jerry Atrick said...

Sorry Penguin I meant to say CHARGED but I was still half asleep from a heavy night out !!!!still no need for the sarcasm !!! smartarse

jaded said...

This is going to get interesting.Just think of the dirt she has access to that hasn't been used yet.
Could it bring the government down?
I bet there are a few sphincters tweaking.