Wednesday 1 August 2012

Stuffed To The Gunwhales?

Lord Cunt is delusional.

The 2012 supremo, Lord Coe, has insisted that the ticketing scandal will be resolved as the Games progress and said the venues have been ‘stuffed to the gunwales’.

The Penguin


Joe Public said...

Is that the same Lord Coe who stole the games from France, by stating they'd cost only £3 billion?

British taxpayer said...

Edit: Delete "gunwhales" and replace with "British taxpayers".

British taxpayer said...

Oooops, sorry, distracted in mid-preparation

Corrigendum: Delete "venues" and replace with "British taxpayers".

Odin's Raven said...

Presumably the bank accounts of his friends and himself have been stuffed, so now the British taxpayer is stuffed as well!

Anonymous said...

Coe is a CUNT

Seb Coe (Lord to you) said...

NO, no, no

the seats are astill all full and the stadiums buzzing