Friday 27 April 2012

Sick Note For Moran

Dear Jim,

Bet you wished you'd taken my advice and copped a sickie,

Best wishes

PS Pass my best on to Elliot, Eric, and David!!

(So much for Justice - The Penguin)


Anonymous said...

Is there no end to the treachery???

This woman has given politicians a bad name and now she gives the mentally ill a bad name too!!

There should be no place for the corruption of justice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a bottle of paraquat would end the pain for her.

jaded said...

Prison has more than adequate medical facilities.

John M said...

Try her in absentia then. Or put her in remand until she's "well enough" to appear.

This woman is accused of deceipt and fraud. The law should take a very suspicious view of ploys like this I think.

Anonymous said...

I believe I read in the Telegraph that this case is to be reconvened in November when Margaret Moran will appear before a jury

In general I do not think a case being defered on health grounds is a problem, although as has been suggested this may be a ploy.

However, the alarming thing appears to be that whatever the views on the day the outcome in this case will not be imprisonment or indeed a fine for Ms Moran. She can only be sectioned for a Mental Health Assessment or freed. Now, is this justice??

Anonymous said...

here's the link

Anonymous said...

Suicidal feelings, in this case, are to be roundly encouraged. I personally want my share of her proceeds of crime back. I don't care if it's 5p when divided out amongst all the UK's taxpayers; I want my money back.