Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Perfectly Safe

Burn, Baby, Burn!!!!

Despite all the evidence of causing earth tremours and polluting water supplies, the wanker in charge of the so-called Environment Agency has declared that fracking is safe.

Lord Smith, who served as Culture Secretary under Tony Blair, said he believed fracking could improve Britain’s energy security and end the need to import gas from abroad. Enobled by Saint Tone for his services to popularising buggery and sodomy gay rights, "Lord" Smith, who has a GCSE in domestic servitude, is also known for his belief that Tracy Emin can draw and that Damien Hirst is an artist.

"Having a lot of dirty water pumped forcefully up my back passage never did me any harm!" he claimed.

Meanwhile the official drought continues, alongside the floods.

The Penguin


Joe Public said...

Of course no one ever died from those ultra-safe, environmentally friendly coal mines that once littered our country.

Of course no roads or houses under which mine-shafts had been dug, ever subsided.

The school-childrens deaths at Aberfan were not as a result of a gas slag-heap disaster.

We could of course continue to depend upon perpetually friendly & benevolent Russia for our imported Natural Gas.

Hacked Off said...

The answer is simple, get hold of some lumps of amber, resurrect the dinaosaurs, and harvest the massive quantities of methane they pump out of their arses.

Or start using the hot air that politicians constantly spout...

Anonymous said...

I understand that story about fracking gas entrained in water has been shown to be a myth. Can't remember where I read that, but the site did provide good evidence. The flaming water is real, but has other causes.

Radical Rodent

Anonymous said...

Russia is much more our friend than our own establishment is, Joe. But, yes, let's get fracking.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting rant, but there are those at Capitalists@Work blog who might disagree with you. restate your case to them and let us all enjoy the discussion.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's the Russian view that shale gas is a financial bubble: