Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sew Their Twats Up!

Feckless breeding is obviously a major cause of trouble - especially with a social system that rewards this behaviour with free housing and all the fags and booze necessary to exacerbate the problems.

Even the "Problem Family Tsar" has noticed.

The answer is simple - chop the bollocks off the irresponsible fathers, and sew the twats up to stop the women proliferating with yet more drunken absentee sperm donors.

The Penguin


The Filthy Engineer said...

or just allow benefits for the first two children and no more. You'd soon see a drop in the birth rate of the feckless.

Anonymous said...

Well sod me, another bloody overpaid govt bloody waste of space telling uis all what we've known for donkeys years, we don't need any more Tzars or consultants or experts, just find someone with an ounce of common sense and put 'em in charge for Christ's sake.

If there was a bloody olympic event called 'state the bleeding obvious' we'd win gold every sodding time.


banned said...

"“You’re the nightmare,” Miss Casey interjected to the shocked woman."

Fucking about time too.

Oh yes! said...

Harsh but fair..

Anonymous said...

or just allow benefits for the first two children and no more
Why even that?

I am a nice guy with a good job who saves like there's no tomorrow, married to a nurse who's equally cautious with her money.

We can't even afford one child (we live in London, that doesn't help).

Why should we give one shekel to some whore who gets banged up in a bus shelter?

They should be sent, along with their bastard children, to the most horrific wastelands of the country, to eat food in mass canteens and be taught the error of their ways (and warn others).

Anonymous said...

the usual tory propaganda about the 'lower classes' hey - as if they and the fucking banking scum and rich tax avoiding bastards have nothing to do with anything - you fucking wankers

Anonymous said...

Anon, 18:50

Where was class mentioned ?. If you have kids, you fucking pay for them, stop demanding I pay for them, left wing thick cunt.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

The problem is that the government are putting money into manufacturing children, rather than putting money into manufacturing industry and thereby creating jobs to support the parents.

Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur said...

Having had a few relatives who became grandparents in their 30s I'd suggest cutting off the access to booze and drugs as well.

It seems to make chavs forgetful of things like contraception and not to shag someone whose name you don't know.

John M said...

How about :
a) No child benefit unless you paid 3 years NIC's
- combined with
b) No child benefit after the second child

I'm sure the Jeremy Kyle classes will be upset thier financial model will be in tatters but it's not like most of them were using the money for the kids anyway. Most of them divert the money to fags and iPhones.