Wednesday 4 July 2012

Better Than Jesus!

"Look Out, Bob, He's Behind You!"

Gosh, haven't things improved?

Now you don't need to wait three days to resurrect yourself after being publicly crucified - provided you're very well connected and have some other cunt to take the rap.

However, I suspect that American Bob is unlikely to take kindly to having been made the fall guy, despite richly (!) deserving a thorough slapping. And he knows where the bodies are buried in all this financial shit.

It's going to be fun.

The Penguin


Kerching!! said...

9That one behind, was his resignation ever accepted by the Board? It didn't take long for him to unresign himself did it? Amazing what can be achieved when a Rothschild is in the family...

As a director of the BBC presumably he must have been involved too with setting the new DG's outrageous salary. Nice work if you can get it (especially as lefties are supposed to be against all this wealth stuff).

Anonymous said...

the fuckin untouchables - Bob you can leave and keep the money - we'll just slag you off a bit (CEO Barclays)