Tuesday 10 April 2012

Assad Still In Line For Nobel Peace Prize, Says Kofi Annan

Evil Dictator and Useless Twat - can you tell them apart?

Despite continuing to deploy his army against his own citizens, even those who have had the sense to bugger off to other countries, President Assad (from the family firm, Assad and Sons, Dictators) of Syria is still the tyrant of choice when it comes to daft old Kofi Annan's vote on the next Nobel Peace Prize.

One of the enduring mysteries of the last hundred years or so, Kofi Annan continues to amaze the world with his absolute fucking uselessness whilst still drawing that gold-plated pension from the UN, where he presided over a myriad of colossal successes such as ending maleria and eradicating the caste system in India. Oh, and saving the whales, reversing global warming, turning all Kalshikovs into forks and spades, and making racism a thing of the past.

Fuck me, there's another flying pig!

The Penguin


Dioclese said...

Perhaps they are related? I think we should be told...

Kerching! said...

You forgot to mention his cut of the Iraq oil deals. Alleged of course..

Ed P said...

Kissinger got one - leading tothe famous "death of irony" quote.
Then that devious twat O'Bama was awarded one after just 2 weeks in office - WTF for?
So there's a long tradition of this award being given for idiotic reasons - Coffee Anus must be so proud.