Saturday 14 July 2012

"Very Nice Of The Soldiers To Help Us Out..."

Nick Buckles, CEO of the farcical G4S has apologised for the complete fuck-up over his company's farcical failure to hire enough security staff to cover their contractual obligations over searching every mug's handbag to see if they have enough money left ( after being ripped off for tickets and hotels) for a Muck-burger at the Olympics.

"We were awarded the contract 5 years ago, " he said, "I distinctly remember celebrating with some bottles of Krug, and of course it was taken into account when we awarded ourselves some hefty bonuses. Then I delegated it all to some junior intern, and we only found out the other week that he'd left to get a proper job with a salary.

Lucky there's plenty of soldiers doing fuck all who can be drafted in!"

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Arse holes in the Civil Service are behind all this and just as well compensated for their embezzlement as this cunt. Their front men politicians haven't a clue.To busy caressing each other.

Joe Public said...

Locog are at fault:-

"G4S signed the contract with Locog in 2010 to supply 2,000 security staff to work at Olympic venues.

In December 2011, the Games organisers asked the company to provide some 8,000 more...."

Anonymous said...

Surely you are not telling us that this company got a 280 million pound contract just to provide 2000 bodies? Presumably they added to their contract price for the new lot?

Nice work if you can get it!!

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of evidence to suggest that this company is as corrupt as the governments that employ it - so that's okay then!!!!

G4S should have their contrcat removed NOW

Should be taken to court to retrieve OUR MONEY

and Cameron should resign for being a totally useless fucking prick

yardarm said...

GFS are Group Four who were a standing joke in the Major era when they got a contract to transport prisoners a large number of whom promptly legged it. Obviously still the same shower of shit.

The troops could do us all a favour by fixing bayonets and skewering all the corporate cocksuckers, spivs and parasites lining their pockets on this one. And if some political scum get a abit of cold steel up the arse so much the better. Zil Lanes: says it all. What shit eater agreed to that one ?

but thinking about it... said...

No no yardarm, you misunderstand. These lanes are specially provided for heavily-laden broken down artic trucks, trailers, tanker lorries, tractors and foreign tourist buses/coaches to park safely to avoid creating traffic jams in the rush hours. Hope that's clear....

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The Penguin

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The Penguin

Bill d'Sarse said...

I bet the squaddies are a really looking forward to:

A. Having their leave cancelled - again.
B Missing the holiday they had planned with their family they have only seen a couple of months from the last 24.
C. Living in a tent - again, because some half-wit politician fucked it up - again (see firman strike, mad cow fiasco, Iraq, etc.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the head of G4S was a redcoat at Butlins Bognor Regis circa 1984.The resemblance is uncanny.
(Or the boss of Pimlico Plumbers-separated at birth.If you didn't see the documentary about that firm last week then I apologise as you won't have a clue what i'm talking about).

Anonymous said...

How the hell did this ****.. get to be the CEO? He must know somebody or something .. for Gods sake you dont get from being a messenger boy to being the Boss without doing a few favours surely ?? can anyone enlighten me as to how he got there? I cant find much on the net.... wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

He looks like Archie Andrew's Dummy and talks about as much sense.

Gissa gottla geer said...

Lupus, Archie was the dummy. His operator was Peter Brough.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that 10% of the prison population are actual ex-forces, will the soldiers be ones that G4S are guarding or ones whom they are quite likely to guard in the future?

Honkey said...

The unarmed soldiers in uniform are themselves going to need protection from the islamic nutters who infest London and who may fancy inflicting payback for the killing of their jihadist comrades in arms in Afganistan.