Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Great Big Troughs In Scotlandshire

Fuck me but they know how to live high on the fucking hog when the taxpayer is footing the bill up in bonny Scotlandshire.

No wonder that Alex Salmond has thirty-two chines on his two faces!

Personally I find if difficult to understand how they can stomach all that Haggis and Neeps, or how the caterers dare charge so much money for such rubbish, but maybe the single malt is expensive....

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

See whit the cooncil does in Scotlandshire

SEE http://www.muirmatters.co.uk/

Anonymous said...

Fuck away of Penguin no one gives a fuck what you think you obnoxious foul, go and shit some white stuff and dive in to the sea will you.


grouse said...

Salmond is an offense to all Haggis.

Anonymous said...

penguin you write my favourite blog, you say what we all think,
Alex Salmond may be a scots sheep-shagger but so what, its nota crime.