Sunday 21 October 2012

Poor Old George - Jimmy Savile's Fucked Him Too!!

Right up the Entwhistle, no lube!!

They do say it is always the cover up that gets them.

I have to say it is quite wonderful watching the vastly over-paid and over-rated upper echelons of the leftist propaganda bastion being fucked over by a corpse.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Old Holborn.

Been on an internal exile for some months.

Hacked Off said...

Perhaps he imploded in a final paroxysm of furious self regard?

mikebravo said...

Can't wait for all the nasty traitor Heath shite to come out. Fat boaty cunt!

Anonymous said...


If we all know about the Heath connection, how come it's still not out there ?

The Savile Cover-up makes the Hillsborough one look like kids at play - this one goes very high and very wide.

banned said...

The T*d He*ath 'Morning Sickness' is getting some traction in the comments @Telegraph blogs.
Whether it is true that Savile procured children 4 sex for him I really could not say and it remains a mere allegation.

mikebravo said...

I expect that Mr Glitter will be up on a fizzer soon to distract the common herd.
The establishment can't have one of their own who liked to have young boys aboard thrust into the light.