Wednesday 19 November 2008

Human Rights My Arse

Somali Pirates have stolen a huge oil tanker and are holding it for ransom, along with numerous other ships and their crews. Private security firms like the infamously trigger-happy Blackwater outfit are jostling to provide protection for shipping - for a fat fee, naturally.

We had Piracy in the past, and it was largely the Royal Navy who stamped it out. Where are they now? Well, with most of their warships mothballed or semi-decommissioned to save money, there's not much available, despite the obvious threat that terrorists might copy the pirates once they realise how a natural gas tanker would be a bomb to make 9/11 look like a firework, so there's one frigate in the Gulf of Aden.

However, they are restricted in what they can do because of the crapheads in Whitehall who are worried about infringing the pirates human rights. The cheese-eating surrender monkeys are signed up to the same legislation, but seem (as with so many laws!) to be taking a different view. The Indians are taking a robust line. Makes you proud to be English. I wish.

The Penguin


John Pickworth said...

Speaking of the Navy...

I knew this country was truly fucked back in 2002 when the Queen's Golden Jubilee Fleet Inspection was cancelled.

The official story was that it was cancelled on 'cost grounds' by the Government. Which in reality meant that we couldn't return the few ships out on active patrols and it was too expensive to take the tarpaulin off those already here.

A national shame and 600 years of tradition given a two fingered salute by the Labour Government.

Hacked Off said...

Have you discovered this site?

Obviously there's a ton of dross, but you can find the odd gem, and it's an antidote for the left wing media.