Wednesday 19 November 2008

Left Hand, Right Hand

Two days, two stories of how the Police are making friends and influencing people.

Consistent? Sensible?

The problem is that the sort of children who are out of control because of a lack of parental discipline or care are not likely to respond to a stiff telling off by plod or anyone else, because of the stupid human rights nonsense and the PC left-wing do-goodery that has given all the rights and none of the responsibilities to the criminals and ne'er-do-wells whilst prosecuting and persecuting those who dare to stand up to them. I could trawl the net and find a dozen examples of the plod and the CPS pursuing these sort of nonsense cases, so could you.

Thanks a fucking bunch, Polly Toynbee and Co.

I'd bet there'd be a very different column in the Guardian if Polly were to be beaten up by scrotes she disturbed helping to re-distribute her riches.

The Penguin

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