Monday 17 November 2008

New Lie-bore - Bastards!

Just how much longer do we have to tolerate this 3rd rate shower of shit? I cannot think of a worse government in this country. Right from the start they were full of shit, but the bloody main stream media seemed to be in love with them. I mean, it doesn't take long to think of a few issues where they have been found to be less than fragrant or less than competent.

Ecclestone's Millions
Mandleson's Mortgage Fraud
Stealing Your Pensions
Selling the Gold Cheaply
Underhand Taxes
Ministers with "Moments of Madness" and "Badger Watching"
Abrahams Dodgy Donations (repaid yet, any one know?)
Peter Hain's Poor Memory and Charming Friends "Every Little Helps"
Wee Bendy Wendy's Brush with the Law
Tessa Jowell's Mega Mortgage (aka The Italian Jobby)
Two Jags Shags
Hindujas and Mittal
Cash For Honours
Education Education Education
SATS Test Fiascos
Dodgy Dossiers and WMDs (not to mention Dr Kelly's bloodless death)
Good Day To Bury Bad News
Cherie Blair's Little Ticket Problem
Blinky and Yvette Live in Yorkshire (for expenses, anyway)
The 10p Tax Fiasco (which of course hurt no one)
Northern Crock
The Peston Leaks (insider information leaked to the press)
The Referendum That Was Promised (but only in a manifesto, so no legal status)
Sending Our Troops Into Harms Way (without the right kit)
Trying To Gag Coroners (from criticising the MOD)
Passing Thousands of New Laws (rather than upholding the ones we had, like Magna Carta)
Eating Snot on Television
Doing Away With Boom and Bust

I think I'd better stop before I explode!

The Penguin
Penguinus Unimpressedwiththislot

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