Wednesday 26 November 2008

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall...?

Who is the Ugliest of them all?

Bloody hard given the plethora of fucking ugly bastards to choose from!

Stephen Timms? The late Robin Cook? McNulty? The Snot Gobbler? Tessa Jowls? Yvette Cooper?
Margaret Beckett? Margaret Hodge?

Surely if being an ugly cunt was an Olympic Sport we'd be in for a gold medal if we fielded the current Liebore Government!

If anyone wants to bother to send me simple step by step idiot-proof instructions on how to set up a poll, I'd be grateful.

The Penguin

POLL RESULT Margaret Horse Face Beckett beats the Monocular Snot Gobbler!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I can comment! That motley crew are defo double baggers. Bag over their head and one over yours in case theirs fall off!

Uncle Dick Madeley said...

The middle one?