Friday 28 November 2008

Getting Their Priorities Wrong?

The news that 22 counter terrorist policemen were involved in the arrest and subsequent searching of homes and offices of front bench opposition spokesman Damien Green is not merely sinister, it is farcical.

On a day when there is a major terrorist atrocity in Bombay and it is possible that some of those involved have connections to the UK, and bearing in mind that MI5' status alert is at high or higher then what the fuckety fuck are the imbeciles in charge of policing doing allocating these presumably precious resources to trying to cover the government's flabby backside?

Have they nothing better to do?

And it's not just the useless Met, the Merseyside plod are no better led. How many policemen, how many hours, how much budget was taken up with the ludicrous harrassment of some BNP activists for distributing a leaflet already cleared by the CPS as being acceptable.

Or the tossers in Essex, see my previous rant. Or in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who failed to follow up allegations of incest.

Or the imbeciles in Devon and Cornwall who arrested a father for allegedly slapping his son's leg on the word of a drunk who was incapable of making a proper statement?

I'm pretty sure that without too much effort I could find many many more examples, but I think the point is made. We have a politicised politically correct police service with incompetent management.

The Penguin


Tuesday Kid said...

Don't you know? He's KGB.

Hacked Off said...

To whom do you refer? Vladimir Putin?

Angry Squaddie said...

"Anti-Terror Police" - soon to be known as State Security Police.

Maybe we could shorten that title somewhat, Stasi anyone?


North Northwester said...

Off-topic I know, but here's a good-hearted, truth-telling, right-minded whistle-blowing blogger in deep trouble. Please read it – it may be one of the last.

In this week of all weeks, when an MP was arrested for trying to expose the government’s dishonesty and incompetence you might like to go over and encourage her and stick it to the people in charge.
Our shared foes.

Spread the word.

Hacked Off said...


Have you drawn Old Holborn's attention to this?