Tuesday 25 November 2008

Cry, My Beloved Country

What have the fucking wank-crew of Nu-Liebore cunts done to my country?

Everywhere you look, fucking devastation.

Education Education Education – fucked, fucked, fucked, with ever more pupils achieving ever higher grade passes but employers having to teach them to read and write. Every third rate polytechnic now dubbed a University, packed full of students busy mortgaging their future for a useless degree in Diversity Promotion or some similar useless rubbish which may qualify them for a non-job in the public sector.

Tough on Crime and the Causes of Crime. Fucking Right, prisons full to bursting, kids shot and stabbed left right and centre, 10,000 tasers as a Christmas Present to Plod, Community Plod-lite rather than real coppers, Black Police Federation milking the fucking system for large “compensation” hand-outs, Crime Stats fiddled, Judges hands tied on sentencing, ASBOs seen as badge of honour, and a series of absolutely fucking useless Home Secretaries ending up with Fat Jacqui Spliff and her daft ideas on prostitution.

The Armed Forces – fighting illegal wars without the right equipment, and funny how you never see a government minister at Brize Norton to welcome the coffins. Cunts.

Immigration! Arrrrrrrrrgh – rather telling how Lambeth “lost” 43 of its traffic wardens when they were going to be checked. I’m not racist, don’t even believe in the concept as we are all the human race, but I fucking object to having a Benefit System so soft and crap it attracts scum and lowlife from places like Somalia to come here and live at my expense while running drugs, robbing shops and banks, etc. and then the fucking HRA prevents them being sent back to Somalia ‘cos it’s too dangerous. Didn’t stop the scumbag that shot the WPC fucking off home to avoid arrest, did it?

EUSSR – Hand back Maggie’s Rebate, sign up to Lisbon ( but in a nice cowardly way) and do as Brussels says. Cunts. And look who they have had on the Big Fat Gravy Train…

Devolution – Yes, the Porridge Wogs and the Sheep Shaggers and The Bog Trotters can all have their own Parliaments, while we pay for them and have to put up with a Westminster Talking Shop run by Scottish Mafia such as Brown, Darling, Reid, Martin, Browne, Alexander, Blair, Rab C Nesbit (McCartney) etc.

A Joined Up Transport Policy – well, they put that fat buffoon Two Jags Prescott in charge, so what the fuck did anyone expect? Oh, and Steven Byers oversaw some train crashes. Fucking well done, you cunts.

Energy – now we are dependant on other countries to keep the lights on. We can’t even build our own Nuclear Power Stations, we have to buy them in from the fucking French. Another triumph for the government I don’t think.

Environment – ZNL have signed us up to the Global Warming Bollocks, enough said.

Ethical Foreign Policy – fucking right. Ask the Iraqis how ethical our foreign policy is. Backed up by a pile of lies and the odd dead government scientist, assisted by a supine main stream media, and the odd whitewashed enquiry, what is our foreign policy exactly? Apart from whatever George Bush said we were to do? After all, mustn’t spoil Bliar’s earning potential on the American celebrity speaking circuit, wouldn’t be fair after all he’s done for the good of the world, would it? Cunt.

The Economy – yeah, that’s right, they abolished boom and bust and put in place a far better system of financial regulation. Consequently we have a massive budget surplus, a strong pound, low taxes, high employment, a trading surplus with the rest of the world, and our pensions are secure. Like fuck we do.

The Health Service – 24 Hours To Save the NHS – billions and billions thrown into the NHS and for what? C Diff and MRSA rife, managers and administrators earning huge salaries, and targets and waiting lists etc fiddled. All new stuff on PFI so massive profits for the bankers and huge ongoing debts for our children and their children. Dentists leaving in droves. But never mind, you can call NHS Direct and that’ll make it all better.

Culture? Well, we had the Millenium Dome to enjoy at vast expense, and soon we’ll have the Olympics at even vaster expense. Oh, and the dumbing down of the BBC where fucking foul-mouthed cunts like Jonathan Ross earn £6 million a year from my TV Taxes and the News Service is pure Nu-Liebour Propaganda with arsewipes like Peston and Robinson and Marr.

Integrity in Public Life – Cash For Honours, Dodgy Donations, Bernie’s Bung, Moment of Madness, Whitewash after Whitewash, Mortgage Fraud, Shagging on the Job, Expenses Fiddles, Cherie’s Missing Ticket, Keith Vaz, Peter Hain, Wendy Alexander, Tessa Jowls Italian Job, Blunkett’s Blunders, Good Day To Bury Bad News.

I could go on, but it’s depressing. Especially when the cunts will have wonderful pensions even if they can’t all find cushy jobs related to their ministerial responsibilities.

The Penguin


patently said...

Yes, that pretty well sums it up, I'd say.

You did forget the criminalisation of two million drivers in order to "make our roads safe", which has left the road death toll no better than it was before.

And the way that every time you meet a public official you end up paying something for the privilege. "Sorry, there's a admin charge for that". "Sorry, you need to pay to park there, in the car park that you the taxpayer paid to build, outside the hospital you paid to erect, stuffed full of people you pay the salaries of, no, there are no exceptions, no if you think your child's health is more urgent then we'll clamp your car long before you ever see a doctor..."

fucking foul-mouthed cunts like Jonathan Ross

Good turn of phrase - will try to remember that one :o)

Hacked Off said...

Actually, I didn't forget that, I have the points on my licence to remind me, and whilst the NHS were busily killing my partner's mother with C Diff in Kettering General we paid and paid and paid fucking car parking charges...I just ran out of ranting-breath.

Feel free to borrow any phrases you like, I probably stole them!

Catosays said...

Nice rant there Penguin...loved it.
Thought the Ross thing was rather ironic, but that;s my sense of humour for you.
Keep up the good work though.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Pefect rant Penguin!

Even at this ungodly hour, I feel so much better - especially as I have to go and avoid some of the worst government obsessed prats at Excel later today.

Have to admit, I'm going to try and salvage something from hard working private companies, see if we can still help each other out; not like this scum of a government treats everyone.

North Northwester said...

A fab start to the day, Penguin.
An awesome rant, and it needs saying again and again.

I could pick here and there - our Islamist enemy really means business, and I know there are ways and ways of dealing with them, but, still, good people doing something is what evil fears the most.

Thank you.

PS, remember 'tough choices' the Labour slogan. Like big 0, this lot have shied away from every tough decision to go with the Zeitgeist and their liberal pals and their blood-thirsty heroes almost every time. (Hence the stonking great recession.)

Yugoslavia excluded. Even Mr. Blair was not a perfect jerk.