Sunday 23 November 2008

£900 A Year TV Subscription

Speaker Martin, that well known and much admired bastion of Integrity and Impartiality, feted upon all sides for the skill and competence with which he discharges his office without fear of favour, spends and reclaims £900 a fucking year for "Television Subscriptions".

Let's assume that he actually has a standard BBC TV Licence, after all we can't imagine that such an upstanding public figure would break the law, any more than Cherie Bliar QC would travel on the railways without buying a ticket.

So that leaves approximately £760 a year to account for on "other channels".

Just what is he watching? Googling reveals that most expensive all option Sky Package is £47 a month, or £564 a year, so what is Speaker Martin spending the other £196 on? Pornography?

Mind you, having seen photographs of his wife, that is probably a necessity.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I've worked it out; the fat bastard is either - as you say - charging us for pornography, or he's bought the Sky HD package for £57 a month and £130 of setup costs. Either way, he's a complete tosser.

The Refuser said...

My money is on the porn subscription. This oaf is clearly a fat, sweaty, wanker.