Tuesday 18 November 2008

Name Names - who failed Peter Connolly

Clive Preece

Manager at Haringey Social Services who insisted that Peter should not be fostered, but send first to family friend andthence home to be tortured and murdered. Anyone know how much he gets paid to be so callous?

Sharon Shoesmith

Head of Social Services, Child Protection and Education at Haringey. Background is in teaching, not child care. Has singularly failed to apologise, let alone resign.

"Like her New Labour masters, Mrs Shoesmith is obsessed with targets and 'outcomes'.

After Baby P was killed, she blocked a review. 'In the light of the good performance, a full scrutiny review would not be beneficial or add value to the service.' Everything was fine. Oh, apart from the dead baby." (Allison Pearson, Daily Mail)

Gillie Christou

The head of the Child Protection Register, 50, oversaw the decision to send Baby P home. She told the court: “I made the decision based on the material in front of me.”

Dr Jerome Ikwueke

The GP who saw Baby P in the first untroubled months of his life and later spotted the injuries which raised suspicions that he was being abused in December 2006. He referred Baby P to specialists at the Whittington Hospital in north London. However, could he have shouted louder and longer?

Dr Heather Mackinnon

The consultant paediatrician at the Whittington who examined Baby P and was so concerned at his injuries that she contacted Haringey social services. She expressed concern at the suggestion he should be returned to his mother. Failed to keep abreast of the ongoing situation.

Angela Godfrey

The family friend who was given care of Peter Connolly in December 2006 after he was released from hospital. Reputedly paid £320 a week. She pressed for the infant to be returned to his mother. However, no bruises and Peter gained weight while with Angela.

Maria Ward

The social worker appointed to Baby P's case in February 2007. She made 10 visits to the family home, the last occurring four days before his death. She declared herself content with the protection plan for the toddler. Had too many cases, 18 as opposed to Haringey's maximum guidleline of 12. 39, a parent, how did she not notice thedeterioration in Peter? Why did she blank the child minder?

Paulette Thomas

A health visitor who first visited Baby P's home in March 2007. She saw him only four times before his death after his mother cancelled appointments. Thomas reported no problems at his one-year development check. Hardly zealous in doing her job?

Dr Sabah al Zayyat

The paediatrician who was the last doctor to see Baby P alive. She failed to spot his broken back or ribs and claimed he was moving his legs when she examined him two days before his death. She is the only individual who has faced censure for her conduct by being banned from working with children unsupervised. How useless is she?

David Lammy MP

One of 4 government ministers sent warning letter by solicitor acting for Nevres Kemal, whistle blower who Haringey tried to destroy with false allegations of child abuse. Played pass the parcel and did nothing, despite being MP for Haringey area as well as a minister.

Patricia Hewitt

Health Secretary sent warning letter by solicitor acting for Nevres Kemal, whistle blower who Haringey tried to destroy with false allegations of child abuse. Played pass the parcel and did nothing. Claims never saw the letter, which her officials passed to another department.

John Suddaby

Haringey's head of legal services, promoted after the Peter Connolly case. His advice - or that of his team - was that there was not enough evidence to take Peter into care. Dossier seen by trial suggests otherwise, but don't let that spoil your promotion, eh?

Liz Santry

Labour councillor and cabinet member for children and young people at Haringey. Forced to issue an apology eventually. Send email shortly after Peter died urging colleagues to toe the line.

George Meehan

Labour councillor, leader of the council. Busy trying to polish the alibis with secret meetings of just the ruling Labour councillors. Has not apologised. Was also in charge when Victoria Climbie was murdered. So has plenty of experience of whitewashing an atrocity against children on his watch.

Ita O'Donovan

Chief Executive of Haringey - aas present at meeting with George Meehan when local LibDem MP Lynne Featherstone tried to get Nevres Kemal's very real concerns taken seriously. Fuck all happened, surprise, surprise. Another waste of skin.

Rosie Winterton and and Ivan Lewis

Health Ministers sent the warning letter by Kemal Nevres solicitors. Passed it on, didn't follow it up or anything. Worth every penny we pay them!

Juliet Winstanley

Wrote Haringey Council SS a glowing report EVEN AFTER Peter Connolly's death. Wait a blessed moment, did she not spend years working for the Shoesmith woman? No old girls' network then. We can have full confidence in the independence of the government inspectorate, thank goodness, for a momnent there I was worried.

Dame Denise Platt

Chairwoman of the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI), was among those contacted by lawyers representing Nevres Kemal. As chief inspector at the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) - the forerunner of the CSCI - Dame Denise, 63, was present at Lord Laming's long-running inquiry into the eight-year-old girl's death. Dame Denise was forced to issue an apology to Lord Laming for holding back the release of a key Department of Health document, which criticised her organisation, until after the inquiry had finished cross-examination.Lord Laming was forced to reopen public hearings after belatedly receiving the report because of its "manifestly clear" importance. The report was an internal review carried out in April 2001 which accepted that the organisation had presented an "overly positive picture of Haringey's social services, particularly children's services" in an inspection in November 1999. Sounds rather familiar, doesn't it? But never mind, her pension is safe.

Ed "So Weak" Balls

Secretary of State for Children - not only failed to take action following warning from whistleblower Nevres Kemal which reached his department, has tried to prevent the full report of the initial enquiry from being published.

I may well come back to this later, when I have calmed down a tad.

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You all deserve to rot in hell just like this baby had lived his tiny life in. FUCK YOU for all being TERRIBLE people n "officials' who could have saved a baby from TORTURE!

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