Sunday 23 November 2008

The Trough is Just Not Big Enough

Not content with the way above average basic salary, the amazingly generous expenses and allowances (which allow the Balls family to leech £600,000 a year thanks to advantageous juggling of where they officially live as opposed to where they actually live) many MP's, ex-ministers, and Peer of the Realm find it necessary to add to their coffers by having jobs outside of Parliament.

Now, you might think that this should not be allowed, after all they are supposed to be there doing a job for the electorate, not treating it as a part time sinecure with marvellous pension rights and great networking opportunities as well as a subsidised bar where they can smoke if they want to.

But no, some of them can't even be as patient as Miranda Bliar and retire before they take advantage of their contacts and position.

Funnily enough, no-one from any of the political mainstream is making a fuss about this, despite it being morally repugnant, as it is "within the rules" and they are ALL AT IT. Here's a sorry little tales about a Tory MEP and his troughing.

The fucking greedy bastards.

The Penguin

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