Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Public Service My Arse

"This whole affair has a little to do with the individual social workers involved, and a lot to do with the management ethos of the 'public sector'.

After the Climbie murder there was an 'Official Enquiry' This enquiry was deliberately, cynically, and callously undermined by a group of senior managers from Health and Social Services in Haringey, who got together and signed a secret accord under which Health would say nothing bad to the Enquiry about Social Services, and vice-versa.

In any sane country, when this conspiracy was uncovered the people responsible would have been sacked, banned from any further public service employment, prosecuted, and had their pensions withdrawn.

None of them suffered any sanction at all. The finest example, Rose Gibb, later emerged as the CEO of Maidstone and Tunbridge Hospital, over which she presided with such magisterial incompetence ("Patients were left lying in their own excrement for hours..." said an official report) that hundreds of patients contracted, and died of, a filth-borne disease - C-Difficile.

It has been alleged that part of Gibbs' 'solution' to the problem was to tell doctors not to record C-Difficile as cause of death if there was any other attributable cause. As far as I am aware the allegation has never been properly investigated by either officialdom or the media.

Her 'punishment' was to be allowed to grease her way out a side door with several hundred thousand pounds of taxpayers' money in her pocket - a sum that will shortly be further increased once her lawyers have done their job - and set up as a private 'consultant' to the Health Services, in which position she will no doubt be fed further large and regular sums of money by her chums in the sisterhood of feminist public-sector ideologues.

The upper echelons of the laughably-named public services are a mirror image of our parliament and government - stuffed with greedy, dishonest, incompetent, greasy-pole climbing, management psychobabble-spouting, PC box-ticking, careerist apparatchiks who have zero experience of real life in the fields over which they are given charge. Ideology is all, a commitment to the job in hand an irrelevance. Take a look at Sharon Shoesmith and her flowcharts and powerpoint presentations and 'procedures that were followed' and tractor production figures – never having set foot in a dysfunctional abusive household in her career, she encapsulates the whole phenomenon to perfection.

All are inspired by an irrevocable commitment to one simple article of faith: "Incompetence, lies, and dishonesty carry no sanction; failure does not exist as a concept". Even if Shoesmith does 'resign', her pockets will be lined with hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money, and she will be allowed to grease her way back in a side door as soon as is indecently possible."

By Cloutman in comments under usual crappy twaddle by Polly Toybee in the Guardian.

Two real bombshells in there! The evil fuckers.

But how can we change things?

The Penguin

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