Thursday 27 November 2008

Who The Hell Is In Charge?

There's loads of stuff in the news which infuriates me today, from poor taunted lesbian soldier getting close to £200,000 compensation for hurt feelings (compared to miserly payments for soldiers wounded and crippled in action FFS ) to the stupidity of the system which made it a good "career choice" for some cunt to father children on his own poor abused daughters (and the social workers, health visitors, police, relatives, neighbours just let him get on with it!) .

However, one that really pisses me off big time is the stupidity involved in arresting and potentially prosecuting the law abiding and honest whilst letting the thief off with a caution. How the fuck is that setting any sort of an example, let alone satisfying any sort of justice whatsoever? What on earth were the fucking stupid politically correct numpty police offiers who started this fucking ball rolling thinking of? Who the fuck ingrained that much cuntishness into them? Have they been promoted yet?

And thanks to the fucking actions of the plods and the CPS the thief is now free (on legal fucking aid, or no-win no-fee fucking deal by some cunting solicitor ) to sue the man he stole from for his fucking hurt feelings.

You could not make it up and be believed!

The Penguin

Update: The plods and CPS have now brought charges.

A spokeswoman for Essex Police said: 'Four men have been charged with false imprisonment in connection with an incident in Witham on Friday, September 26.

'A 44-year-old from Little Maplestead, a 23-year-old Witham and two men aged 22 from Tolleshunt D'Arcy and Tiptree have been bailed to appear before Chelmsford Magistrates' Court on December 10.

'A 39-year-old from Colchester has received a police caution in relation to a complaint of theft made in relation to this incident.'


Anonymous said...

Can I direct you to a couple of police blogs? Inspector Gadget and Nightjack are both interesting blogs. The cops on the front line are as frustrated as the rest of us with the system. Word of advice, never EVER accept a caution, it stays with you for life. Take your chance in court.

Hacked Off said...

Cheers, already on my Bookmark list.

I know there are still some decent coppers out there, but I suspect they are getting outnumbered.

Damn right on the caution thing, "Not Guilty" every time.

monkey said...

cuntishness, great word that describes most of the numpties that have a hand in running this country. as for the social services and police, what are they hear for again?

John Pickworth said...

Wow! There must be some Lefties out there tonight knocking back the Champers knowing that 4 horrendous bullies are off our streets?

Actually, better crack open another bottle lads... they've bagging a terrorist MP too. Boy, that was close. Some of Gordon's secrets nearly leaked out but luckily MI7 were protecting his Job Security.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible - it really is. One minute you get some cunt of a Home Secretary decrying the British people for not stepping in and doing their civic duty when they see crimes being committed, the next thing you know someone who makes a legitimate arrest (remember, all offences are arrestable now thanks to Tony Blair) is themselves arrested.

Please, for fuck's sake, open the prison doors and let the lags out so I can lock myself in their empty cells. It's got to be better than living in freedom under New Liebore.