Tuesday 18 November 2008

Daft Rules Encourage Huge Broods

For fuck's sake, someone get a grip. The rules as they currently stand that homeless single mothers should be given AT MY EXPENSE a house with as many rooms as they have children is surely complete fuck-wittery? What the fuck is likely to happen?

"Ooooooh, look, little Jaylene Saxonlite, if I have another few bastards we can get a nice big house for free. And more child benefits too!"

The Penguin

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Roctopus said...

Despite what I have wrote in the past, the place where I live now is actually a paradise. But when I bought by first home at the tender age of 20 (June 2000), there was a right Motley Crew living a mere three doors away.

Abuse, and vandalism were common, in what was known as a previously desireable location (For under 35 grand ... ahaha) but these blots on the landscape made life intolerable for those aboding close.

Well, as time passed and the complaint/police visits tallied up, the family were moved on to some other poor souls area. The house, which is described as above, was a complete wreck. They were given it for free, and when they left, there was only two words to describe the devastation: Nuclear war.

It's a sign of the times, and I daresay when people look back on this decade, it won't be for some cultural reason, like music (Which has mainly been dreadful - on par with the eighties), it will be for the chavs.