Sunday 23 November 2008

Follow The Money - Always

Yet another disgusting aspect to the Peter Connolly Atrocity emerges further into the light.
The costs of making an application to the Courts for an application to take a child into care went up inMay from £150 to a whopping £4,825 in May. Now, the dramatic decline in applications after that date may be just co-incidence, and I might be a flying pig, but it is unbelievable that Councils who have tight budgets (after all, all those snouts in the trough!!) would not want to limit the number of expensive applications that they made.

So, to save a few quid (tiny in the greater picture of waste and inefficiency that is local government as any fule no ) children's lives were put at greater risk. Result - Peter Connolly suffers more months of torture before he dies. Well Done, Haringey, that's saved a few quid for diversity jollies in Barcelona.

Again, purely co-incidence my fucking arse, there has been a dramatic rise in applications following the Peter Connolly Atrocity hitting the media.

So that's OK, trebles all round down at the Court House, where they are rolling in all that extra money.

The Penguin

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