Monday 17 November 2008

Fuck Me, but I'm Angry

I cannot explain why the terribly sad death of poor Peter Connolly has made me quite so angry. It's not the first case of it's kind, and I am sorry to have to acknowledge that it won't be the last.

But it has the dreadful power to hang there in your mind, ever present, and every horrific fact that emerges about the case just adds to the anger and the sadness. And the feeling of being helpless in the face of such thuggery and such incompetence.

I want every last person guilty of failing Peter to be sacked, possible exception for Sylvia Henry, but from top to bottom of the chain. And include the legal team, and the buck passing ministers, and the useless inspectorate who gave Haringey a glowing report EVEN AFTER Peter's death. Most of all the odious Shoesmith creature, who can't find any grounds for an apology even yet. Replace her with the whistleblower they tried so hard to destroy, she's got guts and backbone and the experience needed.

If I believed in a Hell I'd want them to rot there for eternity. In fact I wish I believed, because then I could also believe in a Heaven where Peter Connolly might be properly looked after and cared for and loved.

I'm also deeply suspicious of the natural father. If he had regular access, how come he didn't notice things were far from right? I mean, an occasional bruise, fair enough, children do fall over, but missing finger tips and fingernails? Anyway, good to know he can afford a solictor to speak for him, isn't it?

And the hand-wringing granny who wishes she'd done more. Why the fuck didn't she?

I hope that the outcry forces a re-trial for murder, and life means life sentences for the scum directly responsible. And that the ordinary decent criminals in Her Majesty's Holiday Camps make their stay a memorable one.

And I hope that the legal teams involved for the defence - paid for out of my taxes, the bastards! - come to recognise how ordinary people will never be able to understand what they did in getting them off the murder rap.

And I wish that I could channel my rage into something constructive.

The Penguin
Penguinus Whathavetheydonetomyoncemostlydecentcountryforfuckssake

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