Sunday 23 November 2008

Nu-Labour Stasi At Work

The politicization of our once admired Police Farce continues apace.

Whilst I hold no great regard for the BNP, it is a legitimate political party in this country, and will have obtained careful advice and vetting on it's material. So this is political harrassment, plain and simple. No charges will ever be brought, and no one will ever be held accountable for this complete waste of the time and effort of the police involved. Who you and I might rightly think should have been doing something a bit more useful, like protecting the public, arresting criminals, patrolling the streets, stopping and searching suspects for knives, guns, drugs.

After all, Merseyside has the odd crime reported, I believe. And possibly they lack a 100% clear up rate?

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

We even have non-police doing the police's job these days. My brother was recently stopped on the motorway by one of those 'non-police police'; the ones who drive around in police-coloured cars but who aren't actually policeman. They close the motorway every ten minutes when there's a fender-bender. The reason he was stopped was because of the tinted windows in his car. Window tint is legally not allowed to let less than 75% of light through; his lets in 80%, and came with the car - it's a Toyata Rav4, nothing wideboyish - and so are perfectly legal. He got a lecture about tinted windows, even though he pointed out that his were legal. And two weeks later he recieved a letter from our county constabulary informing him that they had been told by these non-police that he had 'suspicious' tinted windows, and has therefore been placed on a list. It is absolute fucking madness.