Tuesday 18 November 2008

Utter Scum

There are things which are completely beyond the pale, and for which there should be simply removal from the gene pool, preferably before the scum have had a chance to breed. This is one such instance. Sadly it is not the first and won't be the last - there was a report a few few months ago about two fully grown swans beaten to death in a park in Stevenage (or somewhere similar). On land they can't take off, so are easy prey if kept from the water. Grips my shit, animal cruelty of any sort, I think even the animals and birds and even fish that I eat should have had a quick and humane end after as good a life as possible.

What will these cunts do for fun next?

The Penguin

1 comment:

Leg-iron said...

There's no respect for life any more - pensioners, babies and animals are playthings to be tormented at will, for the enjoyment of weaklings who squeal like pigs when slapped.

It's all down to 'human rights', the biggest abuse of which are the laws set up to protect them. Criminals can't be blamed. It's society's fault. The poor dears are misunderstood and just need to be cuddled a bit.

Bring back the iron maiden and the Judas cradle. That's a cuddle they'll remember.