Friday 6 November 2009

Whiter Than Whitewash...Errr, Shame About The Leaks!

Sergeant Duct-tape about to batter an innocent woman.

Well, what a surprise. The Met, that amazing bastion of political correctness and legalised killing has been caught out trying to whitewash it's photo library of any photographs showing it's minions trying to hide or even not wearing their identity numbers.

Then of course someone leaked the instruction to the media, and they tried to whitewash the whitewash.

Fucking pathetic.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

No comment from the Home Secretry then?

banned said...

Could not get the evening standard link to work but get the point, WTF is the point of them censoring thier own gallery when millions of those pics are awash on the interweb and on peoples hard drives ?

Anonymous said...

My Dad, now retired from the police for many years, was a senior officer in the North of England. He had to 'work' with the met back in the 80s during some major ops - he hated the bastards, he utterly hated them. He said that they were simply not police, they were a paramilitary, undisciplined, uncontrolled pile of thieving bastards. He was adamant that they were the criminals, more so than the criminals. I kid you not, the Met is a big reflective turd that represents the big UK turd that is London. Most other cops hate the fuckers.