Monday 9 November 2009

Bliar's Big Bribe?

Seems that the cost of Bliar's cowardly handing back of Thatcher's rebate will be some £9.3 BILLION by 2013. And of course, it's fucking ongoing.

If I were at all cynical I'd think it was a bribe to try and ensure he'd be installed as President of the EUSSR. The treacherous fucking cunt.

He must be furious that Gordon's support has scuppered his chances.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

His whole purpose of joining The labour Party. Ironoc if he fails and bloody expensive. With this, Iraq and Afghanistan, we see where 200 billion a year debt comes from. Plus Snotty's costs and there's the £1.4 trillion quid.

Confused of Milton Keynes said...

Dear Mr Penguin, I'm confused.

While the subject of your fine post is Blair/EU treachery, a rich vein of tinder dry powder on the wettest of days, the picture you have attached is, if memory serves, that of a known homosexual who was, as is now common knowledge, blackmailed by one or more foreign intelligence services, at the behest of corporate interests, into supporting recent wars of agression.

Can you clarify or correct this obvious error?


C of M.C.

Tony Blair said...

My family motto springs to mind


Hacked Off said...

It's all those fucking roundabouts, enough to confuse even the sharpest intellect.

I suggest you move immediately.

microdave said...

I remember travelling to Bletchley when Milton Keynes was just a huge building site - it was pretty confusing even then....